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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are used by most websites in order to improve the experience for their visitors - most often this is to allow them to "remember" you (eg so you don't have to sign in every time you visit, or so your online shopping cart doesn't lose items as you navigate from page to page).

Cookies can be used to keep you logged into a particular website (either for the duration of your current session, or more permanently), or to keep track of your preferences. On the other hand, websites which do not use cookies will see you as a new visitor every time you visit (even during the same browsing session).

Cookies may be set either by the website you are visiting, or by third-party websites who provide content to that website (such as advertising, social media feeds, analytics or other related services).

What is in a cookie?

Fundamentally a cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, which your browser presents to a website's server when you visit. Each cookie is unique to a specific website, and to a specific browser (so the one on your smartphone will be different to the one on your laptop for example). Once the website has received your cookie it can determine things such as your username, preferences, shopping basket contents etc. depending on how the website operates.

I don't want cookies to be set - what do I do?

Many cookies are purely session cookies - that is, they expire when you close your browser. These are useful, for example, to ensure that a "welcome to our website" message or an invite to fill in a survey only appears on the first page you visit. Other cookies, however, can be set to live for longer (days, months or even years after they were first set). However as they are stored by your browser, you have ultimate control over this.

You can configure your browser to delete all cookies when you shut it down, and it is possible to disable cookies entirely (see your browser's help manual for details). Some browsers have third party cookie managers available to selectively block cookies from certain websites. Whichever of the above options you choose, you may lose some functionality (especially with regard to logins or shopping carts).

Which cookies are used on this website?

You are free to browse this website without accepting a single cookie from it, however you will be treated as a guest user for the duration of your session, and will be denied access to features only available to members (such as ability to view full scorecard information, read some members'-only news articles, comment on players' performances etc).

This website currently uses a single cookie to track logins (this cookie does not contain any personal information). Third party cookies may be offered by other websites providing content - including :

  • Twitter and Facebook (Social media feeds, links etc)
  • Google (Map functionality)

Any changes affecting this list will be indicated by updates to this document (and an appropriate message displayed on the front page of the website).

Last updated : September 5th 2012