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Privacy Policy

Yorkshire Christian Football League is committed to protecting your personal information, while at the same time publishing as much information as possible relevant to the running of a football league.

What information do you hold on me?

All registered players are able to log in to the website, and have control over which personal information is visible and to whom (it is recommended, though not necessary, to use your email address in order to do this). For instructions on how to do so, please see your club manager or contact the website administrators.

All players registered to teams in the league are required to have their names stored - this is a requirement on the league imposed by the district FA. Player registration forms also include a date of birth, which is needed to ensure that parental consent is obtained where players are under the age where they can give their own consent; however, only a player's age will be displayed on their profile page unless they expressly choose to display more information.

For contact purposes players may wish to record their email address, home address, phone number or social media information and make them visible to their team-mates. An email address provides a convenient way to log into the website (and obtain password information and other communication); home address information may be useful for route planning purposes when integrated with the venue information on the website, if this feature is available. If recorded, this will be visible to their club manager (and other designated officials) and league committee by default, but will not be visible to any wider audience unless the player chooses.

Aside from the above, whenever a player is named in a matchday squad this will be recorded, along with statistics about their appearance (goals, cards etc), which will be visible to all users of the website. If applicable, managers may make comments on the performance and/or conduct of their own players or opposing players, which are visible to logged-in members of the website after both scorecards are submitted for a given fixture.

A player may choose to make themselves visible to the website's search functions, which will prevent them being found by this method - however this does not mean their appearance information will be hidden.

How will you use information stored about me?

Your personal information may be used by your club manager to facilitate organisation of your club, and by the league committee to facilitate organisation of the league and its associated competitions. Information may also be requested by the district FA (especially in relation to fines or other sanctions). No information will be disclosed to any other parties without your written consent, unless required by law.

What is your policy on cookies?

This is described on a separate page.

Last updated : September 5th 2012